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Get the best-fitting digital solution for your immediate business requirements. Whether you already have an idea of what you want or you still need to dig deep to find the right solution, our team is ready to undertake the journey with you from ideation, planning, and all the way to execution.


From software application to web application development, we got you covered. We can bring to life your business idea or help you uncover pressing business issues and come up with the appropriate solution from conceptualization all the way to execution.

Web Application  Development

It's time to get your brand experience to the mobile front. Accessibility through this channel has now become a minimum requirement due to the growing base of Android app and iOS app users.


Let's create that mobile solution, deliver an awesome customer experience, and drive business growth.

Mobile Application

and Solutions

Usher digital transformation into your organization by introducing business-critical technology into your operational processes or systems.


Make the most of technology such as automation, integrated mobile POS systems, custom case management systems, and document management systems.      

Business Solutions 

and Automation



Our team will work closely with you at every stage of the development phase to ensure delivery with utmost quality and reasonable timing.


Our high-performance Agile methodology allows us to efficiently craft and deliver your required enterprise software or mobile application. Also within the agile environment, our engineering teams employ the scrum methodology that enables us to progress through the development project effectively.       



Enlist the services of some of the industry's top developers to progress your tech development projects. Our team can be of service based on your personnel or technical requirements.

Specific Technical Expertise

Work with developers based on areas of expertise for specific project requirements such as e-commerce, quality assurance etc.

Project Basis

Tap on entire teams to manage big chunks of your project. They can handle specific areas of the development for the required amount of time to help move the project forward.


Ensuring that your enterprise software is functioning in tip-top shape to avoid costly mishaps require thorough processing plus a combination of technical skills and tools to rectify critical glitches. This would definitely impact the entire business process and customer experience. Our Quality Assurance team has the capacity to do extensive software testing for you.

Conducted to check if your app is useful and user-friendly to your target users. This also checks in-app user behavior and provides feedback on what features can be improved.

Usability Testing

These are tests performed by a software tool, rather than manually. Very useful in engagements where a lot of repetitive tests are required.

Automated Testing

We identify how your application will perform under specific loads (e.g. number of users, size of data etc). It also helps to identify which part of the app is causing performance issues.

Performance Testing

Type of test that uncovers security vulnerabilities in your app. This will give you insight as to which area of your app is secured and which are susceptible to attacks.

Security Testing

A process carried out to creatively find software defects by a human being. Some manual testing approaches are functional, regression, and end-to-end testing.

Manual Testing



Take advantage of ready-to-use technology products that we have developed in-house to address those nagging but highly critical operational challenges. They are relatively easy to use and can even be customized to fit your exact business requirements.



Robotic Process Automation



Automate repetitive tasks with minimal coding required. RAX Automation Suite comes in a powerful combo of two complementing software, RAX Monitor and Rax Studio.


Document Management System



Create, manage, and secure all the data you need in one place. Attache docs allows you to easily create dynamic forms that can be adjusted on the fly without affecting previous data.




Schedule Releases Into Sprints

Monitor daily progress, conduct short meetings and weekly build review.

Focus on Minimal Viable Product

Prioritize the important and core functionalities.

Secure Fresh Source Codes

Commit source codes everyday and run unit tests.

Complete Project Plan

Work with an organized team of usability experts, developers,

and testers.

Manage Code Quality

Establish automated build process and code monitoring tools.

Get Early Feedback

Use prototype and screen mockup for collaboration.

Let's go and create

awesome things together!

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